Back to New Milton

After 10 happy years at Durlston Court School in Barton on Sea, the Talking Newspaper has moved its base back to New Milton where it first started life, though in a different building.

Thanks to a magnificent effort by Bob and his team, vital electrical equipment and furniture etc was successfully moved to New Milton on Tuesday 8 July, and the main room in the new premises was readied  for the first recording on Friday 11 July.

As usual one of the first tasks on 11 July was for the returned wallets to be emptied and the memory sticks cleaned:

Wallets being emptied of memory sticks and CDs:









Studio Director cleans the memory sticks:











One of the first people to arrive is the Sound Technician who sets up the computer and mixer deck.

The new layout for the Sound Technician:









Sound Technician gets ready for the recording:









On this occasion, next in was the Editor of the week with the articles selected from the week’s local papers.

Editor gives scripts and cue sheets to the Studio Director:










The Studio Director sorts the scripts and cue sheets into a pile for the 3 readers (Presenter, Reader 1 and Reader 2):










The Studio Director gives a cue sheet to the Sound Technician:










The Sound Technician records the opening music:










The 3 Readers arrive. After time to read through their scripts, the team discuss the articles they are about to read:









Recording underway:
















And so to copying and despatch

The new copying area:










The Studio Director bulk copies the memory sticks:











The Bagman (who later takes the post bags to the Sorting Office) bulk copies the CDs:











The Registrars record the return of the wallets and despatch of the new edition:










It was good to have the first edition in our new home bagged up and taken to New Milton Sorting Office.