Current Roster

The following information is made available for the use of our volunteers:

Current Roster

August 2017 to January 2018

Paper Collectors and Studio Directors

7th Dec 991 Janet Helen
14th 992 Pam Christine
Date Issue Editor Studio Director
4th Jan 993 Christine & Bob/Ruth Christine
11th 994 Jane/Ruth Christine
18th 995 Frances Helen
25th 996 Janet Helen
1st Feb 997 Pam Christine
8th 998 Ruth/Christine Christine
15th 999 Christine&Bob Helen
22nd 1000 Jane Christine
1st Mar 1001 Janet Helen
8th 1002 Pam Christine
15th 1003 Frances Christine
22nd 1004 Ruth Helen
29th 1005 Janet Christine
5th Apr 1006 Pam Helen
12th 1007 Frances Christine
18th Thurs 1008 Christine&Bob Christine
26th 1009 Ruth Helen

Bob for Studio Directors
If you cannot fulfil a duty please contact your Co-ordinator:
Christine for Collectors
N.B. If Editors arrange a swap please notify Christine to change with Collectors
Emergency phone in the Pavilion – 07933 303548
Collectors may ring the A&T to confirm pick-up time on Thursday – 01425 613384

Sound Engineers/Readers 

7th Dec 991 Neil Pam T, Christine, Rita
14th 992 Val Anthea, Paul, Robin
Date Issue Sound Readers
4th Jan 993 Stephen Valerie S, Jill S,  Tom
11th 994 Howard/Nigel Alec, Roo, Angela
18th 995 Neil/Nigel Christine, Robin, Pam T
25th 996 Howard/Nigel Diane, Jane, Val R
1st Feb 997 Tony/Nigel Anthea , Paul ,Elspeth
8th 998 Val R Tom, Valerie S, Bob
15th 999 Martin Jill S,Liz H, Robin
22nd 1000 Tony Jane, Val R, Rita
1st Mar 1001 Val R, Roo, Diane, Jane
8th 1002 Stephen Tom, Robin, Valerie S
15th 1003 Martin Tony, Liz H, Val R
22nd 1004 Neil Anthea, Paul, Bob
29th 1005 Nigel/+backup? Alec, Angela, Roo
5th Apr 1006 Neil Jill S, Pam T, Janet T
12th 1007 Stephen Christine, Tom, Tony
18th Thurs      1008 Tony Anthea, Paul, Bob
26th 1009 Nigel/+backup? Roo, Angela, Elspeth

If you cannot fulfil a duty please contact your Co-ordinator:
Tony for Sound
Christine for Readers
Emergency phone in the Pavilion – 07933 303548

 Registrars and Copiers/Bagmen

7th Dec 991 Gill K, Maddie, Judy Don
14th 992 Liz B, Anthea, Jan A Paul
Date Issue Registrars Copier/Bags
4th Jan 993 Jill S, Gill K, Maddie Tom
11th 994 Liz B, Margaret Alec
18th 995 Judy, Maddie Christopher/Judy
25th 996 Gill K, Jill S Don
1st Feb 997 Anthea, Elspeth Paul
8th 998 Janet T, Liz B Tom
15th 999 Maddie, Judy Christopher/Judy
22nd 1000 Jill S, Gill K Don
1st Mar 1001 Judy,Maddie Christopher/Judy
8th 1002 Jan A, Janet T Tom
15th 1003 Maddie, Liz H, Don
22nd 1004 Anthea, Margaret Paul
29th 1005 Liz B, Jan A Alec
5th Apr 1006 Judy,Margaret Christopher, Judy
12th 1007 Maddie, Gill K Tom
18th Thurs 1008 Anthea, Liz B Paul
26th 1009 Judy,Elspeth Christopher/Judy

If you cannot fulfil a duty please contact your Co-ordinator:
Anthea for Registrars
Bob for Copiers/Bagmen
Emergency phone in Pavilion – 07933 303548