Interviews 2016


Talking Newspapers

Interview with Sir Desmond Swayne MP

As part of our Talking Newspaper on 17 September, Bob Lowe interviewed the local MP for New Forest West.  In a wide ranging discussion, Sir Desmond talked about his time as an Officer in the Territorial Army and an MP for 20 years in Opposition and in Government

Interview with David Hawkins, Mayor of New Milton

In our Talking Newspaper on 20 August, stalwart Bob Lowe interviewed David Hawkins, Mayor of New Milton, in which the Mayor talks of ambitious plans for the area near the Memorial Centre.

To listen to the interview, please click on the link below:

Talking Magazines

In 2015, we introduced Talking Magazines and the decision was taken to continue the Magazines on a Quarterly basis. The Magazines have the occasional interview with people who have lived interesting lives.

In May we recorded two interviews to go in the June and September Magazines respectively.

Interview with Tony Clark,
President of the New Forest Hospital Radio in Lymington

One of our Sound Engineers, Tony Clark, is also President of the New Forest Hospital Radio in Lymington. In his interview he plots the history of the Hospital Radio in the last 15 years leading to 24 hour broadcasting of live and pre-recorded programmes including the Talking Newspaper broadcast every Saturday at 11.00 a.m.

To listen to Tony’s interview, please click on the player below



Interview with Mike Snoxell, One of the Team of Volunteers,
Jubilee Sailing Trust

Mike talks about his involvement with the Jubilee Sailing Trust; first as a “buddy” on the tall ship Lord Nelson and then as an engineer updating the air-conditioning on both of the Trust’s ships the Lord Nelson and Tenacious. He describes the two ships and how they are both square-rigged and have sailed to Australia.

To listen to Mike’s interview, please click on the player below

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